Welcome To Our Teacher`s Wiki

This wiki is designed to get our teaching staff discussing ways to improve technology throughout the school in order to better serve our students and prepare them for life in a technological world. A fundamental concept behind this goal is that teachers must model good technology use for students to observer. Today`s high school graduates will enter a world where they are surrounded by technology in their academic, personal, and professional lives. They need to be taught the literacy skills of New Media in order to be prepared to properly function in such a world. This wiki will allow us to discuss among other things:

  • how we can improve our students` learning using technology

  • how we can improve our classroom delivery (communication, centralization of content, etc.)

  • how we can improve staff communication and technology knowledge

This wiki has been put together by one person and much of it is their idea, at least to start. Some of the ideas might be considered controversial or harsh but it was not put together to offend anyone. The intention is to start discussion not point fingers or fault. the dicsucssion starts from the viewpoint that everybody wants what is best for our students and works hard to ensure they receive the best. What I hope will happen is that others will collaborate (through debate, suggestions, additions, etc.) to the discourse on the role of technology in our school.

Enjoy and let me know if you want to become a member of the wiki to start adding to site.