Builiding Bridges

"Today`s education system faces irrelevance unless we bridge the gap between how students live and how they learn." - Learning For The 21st Century. Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2002

The issues being presented in this forum are ones that all schools need to face either now or in the near future. Are we doing enough at our school to deal with these issues? Here are a couple of videos to outline the changes our schools must face:

If the these things are true, what are we doing to prepare for this? Our school has made great strides in the past few years to create a more collaborative atmosphere among teachers and move to a more deprivatized practice. This is a good thing and the learning that takes place in our classrooms will reflect this. Proper use of technology could aid this process and make collaboration easier and less stressful.

But, are we using it properly? Are we as a working unit, from an effectual Administration to Department Heads to Teachers, working together to guide this school into a proper, modern learning environment? Or are we stuck in the ideas of the past?